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Supporting wives to create their marriages by design; rather than by default and is achieved by

Kindly Inspiring Selfless Service.



Kiss Butt Wife is fiercely committed to assisting wives to realize that marriage doesn’t have to always be hard. We believe in building a relationship with yourself and then you can have a marriage you love. With practical tips, step-by-step action plans, and real talk, wives can build a marriage that they will not only love but like.


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Mickey does an amazing job with helping wives, fiances, and soon to be wives take their relationship to new and next levels. She gives the tools and the tea to manage your relationship so you 'win in it' 

~ Shelbi W.

About Mickey

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 Mickey Ellis is a sought after, certified Life Coach, inspirational speaker, respected leader, and highly successful entrepreneur. Through her company, Kiss Butt Wife, she has helped individuals and couples clarify their unique talents and grow their relationship satisfaction and success. Mickey takes couples from, “I hate your guts!” to “Let’s save this!”

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Enhancing You to Enhance Him

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