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5 Ways to keep the Spark

  1. Spend Time Apart- Yes! Spend some time alone without your spouse. “Me time” is very important. It’s true absence does make the heart grow fonder.

  2. Make Sex Sexy- After years into marriage, sex can become monotonous. Keep it sexy, practice give and take, change the atmosphere and positions, have an affair with your spouse, Don’t get bored, keep it fun!

  3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane-What brought you together? What was fun in the beginning? Try to revamp the things that made you happy in the beginning of the relationship.

  4. Laugh-Relationships can be intense, Find time to laugh at yourself and at each other. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious.

  5. Surprise Each Other-Everyone enjoys a good surprise every now and then. Send racy text messages, send a small gift that your spouse has been wanting, make their favorite meals all in one week. The element of surprise goes a long way


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